tubing welder

Eliminates awkward & time consuming laminar flow hood connections

The Flex Tubing Welder was designed to make aseptic connections between two lengths of compatible thermoplastic tubing. Two ends of tubing of the same diameter are placed securely in the tube clamp assembly in preparation for the welding process. The tubing moves past a knife that cuts the two pieces of tubing parallel to each other. A heating plate, designed to ensure sterility, heated to approximately 205 degrees Celsius (depending on the pre-programmed settings for tube size and operator preference), melts the ends of both pieces of tubing. The instrument presses the heated tube ends together completing the weld. The end product is a weld in the tubes completely sterile (insured by temperature, hepa filtration of air, and positive pressure). Tensile strength testing has revealed that a properly completed weld is stronger than the tubing itself.


120/240 V AC 1 Ph 50-60 Hz @ +/- 10%

Heating System
(PTFE Coated Heating Plate)

1500 nominal wattage

Temperature Range

50° C to 350° C

Air Flow


Touch Screen Terminal

16 rows/40 characters

HEPA Filter

0.3 Microns

Dimentions (L x W x H)

35x11.25x19.625(in.) 89x28.5x50(cm)


10 Kgs

Weld Cycle Time

Variable (Typical 30 sec)