In keeping with its goals to provide customers with affordable bio-handling processes, Flex Concepts, Inc. has developed The Flex Mixing System. This single-use bag system creates a completely sterile mixing and recirculation process from start to finish. There is no longer a need for expensive stainless steel mixers, blades, and containers. Complicated and burdensome equipment is a thing of the past! The Flex mising bag and system is designed to store, recirculate, and mix all types of media within a sterile Flex Concepts single-use bag. With the properly fitted bag, in a Flex Concepts conical shaped, durable and reusable polyethylene barrel, your mixing requirements are met. The rapid recirculation design will mix almost any components to a homogenous mixture within 5-15 minutes.

Liquid to Liquid / Powder to Liquid Mixing
Sizes: 50L, 100L, 200L
Ports: 5 ports, Male & Females Luer Locks & QC Inserts & Coupler, Injection Dip Tubes
Tubing: Various tubing sizes to create required pressures
Other: Dip tubes with special SS nozzle
Film: Inner Barrier: Flex 100 Virgin LDPE (Product Contact Layer)
Middle Barrier: Flex 100 Virgin LDPE (Product Security Layer)
Outer Barrier: Flex 150 EVOH Nylon Film (Strength & Gas Barrier)


  • Single-Use Bags
  • Tank Liners
  • Mixing Barrel
  • Drum Dolly